Why Choose Us?

1. Liability Package

  • Liability Package includes total responsibility from design and manufacture to project erection and completion.This will ensure that the rate of progress of all work is carried out in the shortest time possible.

2. Solution design and economic synchronization

  • We apply the latest design and best case solutions to get the design, effect, and economy whilst maintaining reliability and the trust.
  • Continuous research and find the best software design so we can dispose design calculations within a short period of time
  • We design sync all works including foundations and steel buildings to have a united design and effect
  • The high level of commitment of our engineers is the fist-rate factor for a perfect design.

3. Modern production technology

  • Our factory is equipped with an automatic synchronization line capable of production a combined total of 1000 tons per month of steel beams
  • All machinery and equipment are modern and fitted with CNC technology that are highly automated
  • Quality systems are in place to ensure the reliability of all our machines.  This includes scheduled and as required maintenance checks and services

4. Material quality

  • High-ranking materials are always used to ensure durability and increase the aesthetic value of the works carried out.

5. Satisfy customer request quickly

  • Passionate about steel buildings, Dongson steel strives quickly to satisfy any cútomer request because we understand customer's time ís gold

6. Ensure about quality

  • Building components that are produced at Dongson Steel are done so adhering to international management system ISO 901:2008. This gives all our cutomers peace of mind in knowing that the project is of the highest quality possible.

7. Deliver on time

  • Our motto is "On-Time, Every-Time"
  • We understand the importance of on time delivery of our products and services and as such have put together an automatically synchronized production line using an advanced management system.  This way we are able to control the rate of manufacturing and the erection so that we can save our customers time and money.

8. After-sales services

  • Dongson Steel is dedicated to following up and serving its customers with after sales service which we believe to be as important as the actual order.  Dong Son Steel serves to provide its customers with the peace of mind that an order with us will be handled in the most professional way. Dong Son Steel will always be dependable in solving issues that arise with delivery, claims, payment, specifications and quality


  • DongSon Steel staffs understand that nerve serve devoted will get your believes and your supports