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Design & Build


Core Values


Our Company’s mission is to contribute our best efforts with the most advanced products and services for benefits to our society. We carry out manufacturing and business to serve society and community development. We always listen, understand, and meet all demands of customers. In return, we receive customer support through our dedication to service and the commitment to bring true benefits to customers. In turn, we receive customer’s support by our dedication to service and the commitment to bring true benefits to customers.


We give priority in researching and developing new technologies and techniques, providing customers with the best solutions, and high-quality products. We are conducting innovation and development in order to create new values and become one of the best companies in the field of steel building and construction.


We aim to be a global corporation, which contributes supplies our products to all around the world, We will achieve this by active human resource development, continual product and process development.

Core value

Respect – Personal Development – Teamwork – Innovative – Fairness – Social Awareness


We always listen, understand and endeavor to do the best that we can to ensure that our customer is satisfied with our product and services. Your trust is our motive power for our business development.


We believe a human is a most highly valuable resource We have put them together with a great team of hardworking, professional and responsible. Together we work hard to ensure the best possible outcome for our customers.


We always improve for a creative and friendly working environment which makes good conditions for the individual to be the best with continued personal development. Creativity brings success. We are continually investing in our industry. This includes investment in the most modern and up-to-date equipment.