The erection of Pre-manufactured steel houses carried out on site and divided into various phases as follows:

1) Installation of foundation bolts
The installation of foundation bolts are the first task of the erection ofPre-manufactured steel house. Most of companies providing services in erection ofPre-manufactured steel house are small and medium size companies. Therefore, the devices for installation of bolts are limited due to high investment.
They commonly use mechanical execution methods basing on existing level center provided by construction companies to stretch out to determine their center. This method is likely to negative consequence that the determined level center is errorneous with that specified in the drawing and different with that determined by construction company.
The erection shall be deployed with regular adjustment of components such as re-drilling of holes on columns, truss, purlin resulting from the deviation with the drawing, reducing the life service of the works.



2) Erection of the main frame

Advanced technologies help to ensure 100% the accuracy in term of square angle, plane, altitude. Altometer, laser projector are essential in the installation of foundation bolts and erection of pre-manufactured steel house.
This is the main installation component of steel houses. Depending on the size of the workshop, crane truck can be arranged for execution. If the bread guage of the workshop is 30m or less, it is necessary to use proper crane truck for the installation to prevent bent jack rafter possibly resuling in reduced life service of the work.
The installation of column, truss is the most important, since it helps to shape the whole house. Based on the execution platform, we can determine to install the first column, truss in the middle of the house and then carry out the erection to two gables or from gable into the center. Normally, it is recommended to start the installation of the first column from a gable.
Upon completing the installation of the first column, truss, they must be braced tightly to prevent displacement of truss column. This execution phase must be well-implemented to create foundation for the execution of next phases.
The execution of other truss columns must ensure accuracy and adjustability (available expansion gap for adjustment)
The execution of column, truss of the workshop requires the works to be done from the height. Workers must be equipped with safety belts and lifeline. The aperture of the workshop determines the  position and arrangement of lifeline. Normally, lifeline must be connected from two end of truss column depending on the bread gauge of the workshop. The heads of lifeline must be fixed and1m higher than the truss surface.

3) Erection of roofing iron

The erection of roofing iron is carried out after the completed erection and alignment of main frame, the fastening of bolts and brace rods.
Like the installation of main frame, the erection of the first plate should be carried out carefully, since it acts a the focus for other plates. Then each plate must be marked to ensure that the junction points of the sheets are aligned and perpendicular with purlin after the completion of the work. Otherwise, it may result in much alignments, bad-looking appearance, and unsure quality of the work.
For the works added with heal-insulation wadding under the roofing iron, this process is essential to ensure aligned and non-dragging connectors of wadding; smooth and flat lower surface of the wadding.
4)Safety commitment

Dongson s pays much attention to safety in erection ofPre-manufactured steel house. Our erection engineers and supervisors are always present at the site to provide instruction and ensure the safety of the work.

Labor health and safety environment is considered as an essential part of the organizational and business mechanism of Dongson Steel. In addition to requirements and regulations in labor safety, Dongson Steel focuses on the evaluation on health and working environment for staff in order to reduce impacts from outside environment on business operations of Dongson Steel.