Manufacturing technologies

DONGSONSTEEL manufacturing factory
DONGSONSTEEL owns a steel structure manufacturing factory with the area of 24,500m2, equipped with systematic manufacturing line consisting of automatic devices with design capacity up to 15,000 tons of finished steel/year, and highly accountable and experienced staff. In addition, manufacturing workers of DONGSONSTEEL are intensively trained in term of expertise, manufacturing skills to satisfy higher and higher demands of customers.



DONGSONSTEEL holds modernPre-manufactured steel house manufacturing technologies, advanced management-consultancy-design capacity, control and operation of machineries transferred by experts from America, Nethersland, Japan… With the strike to reach regional range, and become leader inPre-manufactured steel house, DONGSONSTEEL is researching and investing to complete a closePre-manufactured steel housemanufacturing system from steel cutting, finished welding and packing. DONGSONSTEEL is actively participating in modernizing manufacture techniques, technologies in order to promote young Pre-manufactured steel house manufacturing sector in Vietnam.
Outstanding capacity of the top world technology
With the capacity of 15,000 tons/year, 100% systematic imported devices, technologies transferred by the world’s leading steel house groups from America, India, Europe…, the Company provide outstanding features such as:
150 tonHydraulic sheet cutting machine controlled by CNC
Hydraulic sheet cutting machine adjust inclining angle of ERMAK CNCHVR cutter is a user-friendly machine with stable structure able to cut various types of plates with the highest speed and quality. The machine can be programmed easily offering friendly interface on CYBELEC control system. The machine make automatic calculation and adjustment of cutter gap, the distance of back stop, cutting length, cutting angle...
During the cutting of light sheet, the shortest course is applied, increasing the number of cutting courses and reducing the torsion of light sheet.
- Vibrating force max:150 ton
- Cutting length max: 9600mm
- Cutting thickness: 8 - 16mm
- Cutting depth: 1000mm
- Vibrating speed: 1,5s/1000mm.
Automatic arch welding machine
Submerged arc welding is a automatic welding method under the fusing agent layer producing stable quality of welding joints; therefore, this method is widely applied in welding workshop, pressure tank, heavy duty structure...
In addition, this machine helps to reduce the consumption of welding material, energy; avoid noise pollution; fix the output flow and stabilize arc; therefore, it can ensure the good quality of arc welding joints.
The machine can be used to weld various materials including stainless steels, carbon steel, copper.
-Height of beam max: 150-1800mm
-Length of beam max: 4000-15000mm
-Width of beam max: 150-800mm
-Thickness of welded item max: 12mm
-Welding with single welding wire diameter: 2.4mm
Automatic beam assembly machine
- Automatic beam assembly machine is used to assemble web plate and flange of beam together
- The positioning and clamping utilize hydraulic method and clamper at rapid center positioning speed and high accuracy.
- The device can be operated easily with high automation capacity.
Two welding heads MIG CO2 are adjusted symmetrically, directed by mechanical rollers with high welding quality.
- Frequency converter and timer are used to adjust embryo feeding speed and length of welding course with high automation capacity.
- Web plate bearer and beam flange bearer are used to carry out automatic fixing to longer beam.
Height of web plate max: 200-1500 mm
Thickness of web plate max: 6-32mm
Width of beam flange max: 200-800mm
Thickness of beam flange max: 6-40mm
Welding length max: 4000-15mm.
Speed of beam jig max: 500-6000mm/minute
Plasma cutting technology
DONGSONSTEEL has been completing its manufacturing process basing on advanced manufacturing system, modern technologies with Plasma, CNC, Plasma CNC cutting machines…, in which plasma is the key cutting technology in DONGSONSTEEL.  This technology enables cutting machine to cut various materials at rapid speed. Compared with other technologies, Plasma cutting technology possesses various outstanding advantages:
-Better cutting quality
-Higher cutting capacity
-Lower cutting cost
-Higher profit, user friendly, and safer
We are developing more and more professional, expertised staff specialized inPre-manufactured steel house. The Company is applying advanced manufacturing process; conducting manufacturing expansion; and investing in technologies, modern and synchronous machines.