Pre-manufactured steel house application

Pre-manufactured steel houseoriginated from the United States in 1970s. Now, about 70% of industrial construction works  usePre-manufactured steel house. Pre-manufactured steel house can be applied in various forms from hangar with the aperture of more than 100 m, trade centers, civil houses to offices… Pre-manufactured steel houses provide specific advantages and are widely used in industry thank to its advantages against traditional houses such as:

1. Reasonable price

Pre-manufactured steel house helps to save 30 -> 50% so compared with traditional house. The processing of spare parts at workshop results in considerable reduction in human costs at the site.

2. Rapidness

The average time for completing apre-manufactured steel houseis 90 days compared with 6 months for traditional house. This is very financially effective.

3. Strength

Pre-manufactured steel house has the life service of 70->100 years with low warranty cost. Moreover, pre-manufactured steel househas not been limited to industrial houses with monotonous design anymore but  beautiful, modern, attractive architecture aiming at the commercial and civil sector...

Pre-manufactured steel house application


Trade central


Sports central

High-rise building


Steel factory

Processing factory

Logistics house

Waste treatment factory

Seafood processing company.