ISO 9001:2015



Design and construction


About us



DONGSON STEEL was established in 2003 by a team of design engineers with extensive experience and outstanding capacity. Currently, we are one of the leading companies in Vietnam specializing in pre-engineered steel buildings and steel structures.

We provide total solutions for steel buildings and steel structures for all industrial, agricultural, aviation, commercial and civil construction industries. Having been trusted by domestic and foreign customers for many years, DONGSON STEEL has demonstrated commitment and proven professionalism to customers and investors.

Quality products

DONGSON STEEL owns the ISO 9001: 2015 Quality Management System certificate

Work effectively in groups

We are proud of the working ability of the DONGSON STEEL team dedicated to monitoring and providing solutions during the design, fabrication and erection stages to meet customer requirements.

On time delivery

By managing the entire process, we can control costs, sourcing and quality to keep projects on time and on budget.


Many years of experience designing and building prefabricated houses for all industries.


Includes full responsibility from design and manufacturing to erection and project completion. This will ensure that the progress of all work is carried out in the shortest possible time and that there is no irresponsible work.

Optimal Design Solution

We apply the latest design codes continuously. We aim for reliable and optimal designs for customers. Researching and applying new design methods and design software helps us stay at the top design level. The in-depth expertise, highly skilled design techniques and dedication of the design team brought success

Modern machine

Our factory is equipped with automatic synchronous lines capable of producing more than 2000 tons/month. We use most of the machinery from Japan, Europe and America because of highly automated CNC technology. Quality system and scheduled maintenance checks are implemented to ensure the reliability of all our machines.

Customer Satisfaction

DONGSON STEEL always strives tirelessly to meet all customer requirements because we understand that with customers "The customer is king"

On time delivery

Our motto is "On time or earlier". We understand the importance of on-time delivery of our products and services. Modern machinery and advanced production management help us achieve that. This way, we can control productivity and installation progress

Best service

DONGSON STEEL serves its customers with after-sales service which we believe is very important. We serve to give our customers peace of mind that the project upon successful completion is in our care. We will be there when customers need us.